Image by Monica Jo Photography




I'm Mel, a life-excited lover, mama, photographer in Austin, Texas. I'm all about the sweet in-between moments, dirty feet, wild and free, fun. I get super giddy when I meet new people, yap for hours about life (and plants), laugh till my sides split, honest connection, hip hop music, gardening, Pinterest, Bob Dylan and hot morning coffee. Photography allows me to capture the ordinary and create something meaningful with light and love. Photography encourages me to be in the Now, to find the everyday beauty that life holds. 

I hope to someday look back at this art and still f e e l the beauty and joy that comes from these moments captured in tiny pixels of art. I also hope that my digital memory storage lasts that long! (insert silly face emoji)





I want to show you that you are magical, that your time here is connected to the Extraordinary.


Passion + Joy + Happiness + Laughter + Sunshine + Free + Space + Flare + Sunbeam + Magic + Connection + Barefoot + Wild + Love